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Sisters of USMC

Semper Fi

7/18/07 10:00 pm - dancergrl350 - a lot

i havent talked to my brother since may. or seen him since feb.
he was supposed to go on a cruise with my family for my grandparents 50th annevisarry, but at the last minute said he couldnt make it. My grandmother spent $2000 on nothing.
when we came home our neighbors told us he was at our house the entire week while we were gone with his girlfriend of four years. we arent sure whats going on, and we havent heard from him since, even though we tried calling and emailing. i talked to his girlfriend a little and she just told me that he really wanted to see me and that his plans changed. my family thinks that he got married because my neighbors said he left the house one day really fancy and in his girlfriends profile there is a date (7/7/7). 
so i talked to him today a little on aim and this is how it went
me: hey
him: hi
me: whats up
him: nuthin
me: cool
him: gotta go
me: lylab
him: (im not really sure on excact words but he just started flipping out about the family. he was like plans effing changed i didnt mean to miss the effing cruise you guys dont have to effing..... and it went on)

and then he signed off.
and i started crying. cause i stood up for him. i told my family that they dont know the whole story and that maybe its not like that. it hurts like hell to have your brother yell at you just cause of your other family. 
so yeah im

4/15/07 08:43 pm - dancergrl350 - heard from

i heard from my brother today. the first time in like 6 weeks. we only talked for less then 2 minutes, but it was soo nice to hear his voice :)

4/5/07 11:07 pm - dancergrl350 - miss him...

i miss my brother soo much. its tottally really hard without him. i like saw him everyday for my whole life and then suddenly hes gone. its sooo scary and sad. and none of my friends understand. they are like i wish my bro left. 
the worst part is he came home in feb. and i got soo used 2 him being home, i forgot he had 2 leave and when he did i was like dying. and then my boyfriend broke up with me. so my 2 favorite guys are out of my life.
and i just feelmy heart tearing in 2.

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